Open and closed rhinoplasty in Milan


Closed rhinoplasty in Italy is performed as follows. During this procedure, the surgeon makes several incisions just inside the nose. The visible skin cover remains intact. Since the incisions are made inside the nose, there are no visible scars after surgery left, which is the main advantage of closed rhinoplasty.

Open rhinoplasty in Italy is used on a par with closed rhinoplasty. The choice of the method is up to the doctor and the patient. The surgeon makes an incision on the columella (the skin membrane between the nostrils) and the same incisions inside the nose as during the closed technique implementation. Next, the surgeon gently turns the skin of the nasal dorsum so that they can work freely with the cartilage and bone parts of the nose. Open rhinoplasty enables the doctor to see the internal structures of the nose as well as work with them freely and accurately. Therefore, open rhinoplasty is an unambiguous choice for complex operations, when the surgeon needs to perform a significant amount of work to achieve the desired result.

Since closed rhinoplasty is used for minor nose corrections, as a rule, it lasts less than open rhinoplasty. Usually, the duration of closed rhinoplasty is from one to two hours, while an open rhinoplasty can last up to four hours.

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty in Milan

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty in Italy is a modern European technique. Currently, there are few options for performing rhinoplasty without surgery. However, in Italy, you can get rid of the irregularities and hide the hump with the help of so-called “fillers” (such as hyaluronic acid). In the case of a slightly prominent saddle-shaped nose, it is possible to increase the nasal dorsum by a few millimeters. This method can also be applied to conceal slight asymmetry.

Even the nasal tip with a slight slope can be corrected without surgery. To do this, a small amount of hyaluronic acid is injected into the nasal septum so that the nasolabial angle is corrected.

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