Rhinoplasty in Italy



When it comes to a nose job, dissatisfaction with the shape or size of a given part of the body sometimes costs too much to leave everything as it is. If a person has decided to change the shape of the nose, there are many wonderful plastic surgery clinics in Italy, where the price of rhinoplasty and quality meet the needs of patients of all wealth categories.

Nose Job (prices depend primarily on the nature of the selected surgical method) can be performed using laser correction or classical plastic surgery performed surgically.

Operative interventions in Italian clinics are performed by world-class surgeons applying the latest equipment and advanced technologies. Doctors of plastic and aesthetic surgery have rightfully proved to be the best plastic surgeons in Europe. The problems and wishes of the patient are treated very carefully, helping to correct what does not satisfy the patient in his appearance in the best way.


Advantages of rhinoplasty in Italy

Out of the most modern types of surgical interventions on the nose, the following ones are carried out in Italy:

  • elimination of excess tissues in case of a bulbous nose
  • changing the shape of the nasal dorsum
  • changing the shape of the nasal septum.

A hump is often formed or a part of the nose is displaced away from the main nasal dorsum axis as a result of injuries, displacement of the nasal cartilages and bone fragments, and their subsequent improper fusion. This cosmetic defect can be corrected by rhinoplasty leaving no consequences.

The applied 3D modeling technologies enable doctors to show the planned result to the patient even before the operation.

The use of various attenuated technologies for operations performance, modern minimally-invasive techniques of aesthetic surgery. As a result of their application, no visible traces remain on the patients’ faces.

In Italy, all surgical incisions are made inside the nose. The location of all postoperative sutures is a must issue to discuss with the patient in advance.

Plastic surgeons in Italy achieve good results that coincide with their patients’ wishes that can be achieved only when dealing with qualified specialists with significant experience in rhinoplasty.

The best surgeons who are highly skilled in manipulation techniques, determined by the course of the operation, work in Milan. The shape of the new nose should be selected individually so that it fits harmoniously the appearance. Therefore, each operation is absolutely unique. Official open pricing policy for medical services. Fixed prices correspond to the quality of service, the level and effectiveness of medical care.

There are two main methods of rhinoplasty – open and closed. Both techniques are widely used by qualified surgeons.

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